My path to optometry was a rough and winding one. When I was in undergrad at UC Santa Barbara, I considered the idea of going to medical school or into physical therapy. I did about half of my pre-optometry requirements while at UC Santa Barbara. But when I graduated, I wasn’t mature enough to commit to a career for my whole life.

So I took a job working at Oracle (a big tech company near San Francisco). I learned a lot, but honestly, I hated it. I hated being behind a computer screen all day. I wanted to help people one-on-one. So I got a career coach (to be honest – one of the best decisions of my life) and interviewed dozens of people in different professions to learn about different career options.

Around this time, one of my family members was having issues with double vision, so he went to see his optometrist. His optometrist, along with neurologists and ophthalmologists, ended up finding out that my family member had Multiple Sclerosis. I was very sad to hear the news. I thought it was so strange that you could find out about something in the brain through your eyes. I started talking to and shadowing optometrists… and the rest is history.