Here are the 5 things I found most helpful to get a great score on your OAT:

1. Have a dedicated period of time (~2-3 months) just to study. The OAT is a ton of info. You need all the brain space you can get. If possible, try to have as few other commitments as possible during the time you’re studying.

2. Do lots of practice problems. You can spend countless hours watching videos and re-reading notes. But in the end, you need to know how to solve problems.

3. Review what you got wrong. It’s all about QUALITY over quantity. If you do a thousand practice problems but never review what you got wrong, you’re not really learning.

4. Stick to a tight schedule. You shouldn’t be wasting time thinking about what you should be doing. Check out the OAT 10-Week Study Schedule that I used:

5. Pick the right OAT Test Prep. Half of the battle is picking the right OAT Test Prep Resource. I used OAT Bootcamp. Use code OAT10 for 10% off your subscription. You can also get started with the OAT Question of the Day.