This is one of the first questions people ask themselves when they begin to study for the OAT is “should I self-study or take an OAT prep course?” It depends on your studying style. There are students who are successful both ways.

One of the advantages of a commercial OAT prep course, like Kaplan OAT, is that it’s all preset and designed ready to go, so there is no work on your side to research what to do and what to study.

The downsides are

  1. Price Tag – It can be quite costly at $1300+
  2. Stale Material – Big companies tend to reuse the same material year after year, and not improve their product much over time

The advantages of self-study are:

  1. More Affordable – It’s significantly more affordable and provides better OAT prep course materials.
  2. Score Better – Most importantly, I think students that self-study score better because they motivate themselves to study, and thus take ownership of their study experience.

The downside is that you can get off course if you don’t have a good plan, so you’ll have to spend time designing your own study plan.

To overcome this, you could use a site like OAT Bootcamp. You can use our 10 Week Study Schedule that tells you exactly what to do every day, but is much more affordable than a typical commercial OAT prep course.  Use code OAT10 for 10% off your subscription.